Racing Resume

Category 3


  • The Ridge circuit race & time trial
    • Circuit race, master men’s Cat 1-5, 3rd place
    • Time trial, master men’s 50+, 2nd place


  • Tour de Dung #2, senior men’s Cat 3, 9th place
  • Tour de Dung #1, senior men’s Cat 3, DNF


  • Tacoma Twilight Criterium, senior men’s Cat 3, 31st place/pack finish
  • Ballard Criterium, senior men’s Cat 3, 22nd place/pack finish
  • Mutual of Enumclaw, stage race, master men’s 50+: TT – 13th place, Criterium – 10th place, RR – DNF
  • Tour de Bloom, omnium, master men’s 50+ and 60+ Cat 1-5, 2nd place GC
  • Ronde Von Palouse, road race, master men’s 40+, 50+, 20th place overall
  • Vance Creek Road Race, master men’s 50+ Cat 1-5, DNF-double flat
  • Tour de Dung #2, road race,  senior men’s Cat 3, 15th place/pack finish
  • Tour de Dung #1, road race, senior men’s Cat 3, 42nd place/pack finish


  • Spokane Downtown Criterium, master men’s 40+, 11th place/pack finish
  • Longbranch Road Race, senior men’s, DNF

Category 4


  • Ravensdale Road Race, master men’s Cat 4-5, 1st place
  • Ronde van Palouse, road race, men’s Cat 4-5, dnf
  • Independence Valley Road Race, master men’s 40+ Cat 4-5, 4th place
  • Mason Lake Road Race II, master men’s Cat 3-5, 34th place/pack finish
  • Mason Lake Road Race I, master men’s Cat 3-5, 14th place


  • Twilight Series III, 13th place overall
    • Spokane County Raceway, circuit race, “B” pack, 2nd place
  • Silver Spokes Wallace Omnium, criterium, Master Men’s 40-49 Cat 1-4, 5th place
  • Twilight Series II, 12th place overall
    • Steptoe Butte Hill Climb, “B” pack, pack finish
    • Corsa Brutale, road race, “B” pack, out-of-pack finish
    • Chapman Lake-long course, road race, “B” pack, 6th place
    • Williams Lake, road race, “B” pack, 7th place
  • Ronde van Palouse, Spokane, WA, Cat 4/5, out-of-pack finish
  • Twilight Series I, 4th place overall
    • Spokane County Raceway, circuit race, “B” pack, 5th place
    • Spokane County Raceway, circuit race, “B” pack, 11st place
    • Corsa Brutale, road race, “B” pack, out-of-pack finish
    • Chapman Lake Short Course, road race, “A/B” pack, 14th place
    • Spokane County Raceway, circuit race, “B” pack, 1st place
  • Tour de Dung, Sequim, WA, road race, Master Men 40+ Cat 4/5, mechanical/DNF
  • Wawawai Hill Climb, Pullman, WA, Cat 4/5, 12th place


  • Inland Road Race Series, WA, Master Men’s 40+, 8th place overall
    • Liberty Road Race #2, Liberty, WA, Master Men’s 40+, 3rd place
    • Liberty Road Race #1, Liberty, WA, Master Men’s 40+, 8th place
  • Twilight Series II
    • Spokane County Raceway Criterium, Cat 4/”B” pack, 7th place
  • Ronde Von Palouse, Spangle, WA, Master Men’s 40+, 5th place
  • Frozen Flatlands Road Race, Cheney,WA, Master Men’s 40+, flatted/DNF


  • Twilight Series II
    • Chapman Lake Road Race, Cheney,WA, Cat 4/”B” pack, pack finish
  • Liberty Road Race,Liberty,WA, Cat 5/”B” pack, 8th place


  • Frozen Flatlands Road Race,Cheney,WA, Master Men’s 40+, 17th place
  • Twilight Series III (“C” pack- 2nd place overall)
  • Corsa Brutal Road Race, Spokane,WA, “C” pack, 1st place
  • Radiant Lake Criterium, Rathdrum,WA, “C” pack, 2nd place
  • Liberty Lake Criterium, Liberty Lake,WA, “C” pack, 3rd place
  • Best of Bunch Road Race, Cheney,WA, “B” pack, ~6th place
  • Spokane Triathlon, Men’s Relay Team, 40k, #372, 1:10:59, 33rd overall (bike)


  • Twilight Series I
    • Riverside State Park Time Trial, 20k, 0:37:09:550, 7th place


  • Washington State Time Trial, 40k, Master Men’s C, 1:08:46.509, 22nd place

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