New (Wide?)-Profile Shimano Wheelset for 2014…the RS81

1 03 2013

Here’s the wheelset I’m staring at: 35mm profile, 2:1 lacing pattern, 2-cross straight-pull spokes DS, radial straight-pull NDS. 11-speed compatible. Effective flange diameter and spacing is unknown. Composition of the rim is apparently an aluminum-carbon mix in a tubular clincher cross-section. Also unknown is whether a clincher version will become available. A 24mm and 50mm deep profile is also offered. Weight is unknown. Spoke nipples are external for easy truing. This new road wheel series will be compatible with 8, 9, and 10 speed drive trains too. A lower-level, all-aluminum 30mm rim, the RS31, will be available as well. More info here.

I hope to learn more about this wheelset. It already has most, if not all, the design features I would want in my race-day only wheelset. Maybe now I won’t have to build it, I can just buy it. A LBS didn’t know about it yet nor could recommend a factory contact. Additionally, information is yet to be posted on Shimano’s website. …waiting, waiting, waiting.

Picture of Shimano RS81-24mm profile

2014 Shimano RS81-24mm deep profile

Picture of the new Shimano RS81 Wheel-35mm profile

2014 Shimano RS81-35mm deep profile

Picture of Shimano RS81-50mm profile

2014 Shimano RS81-50mm deep profile




2 responses

4 03 2013

Almost 100% positive the RS81 series is all clincher. However, if you want the 35mm depth in tubular, Shimano has you covered with a WH9000-C35-TU. note: Shimano tubulars do not have alloy rims – they are full-carbon. The clinchers series rims are the ones with the co-extruded/molded alloy/carbon marraige.

4 03 2013
Eric Abbott

Thanks for responding with the clarification Nick. I think I jumped-the-gun in thinking that the new clincher series would have wide rims. Based on the Shimano webpage, it still isn’t clear if the WH-9000-C35-CL-F,R will have a wide rim. The tubular rims are 20.8mm wide.

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