Change…is Inevitable

9 01 2013

I suppose that racing and training is just the same as everything else…just the same as life is, in other words, full of variability, hidden meanings, and hidden assumptions. 2012’s end rolled through a summer’s conclusion full of change and into a winter beset with hints of future promise.

Late in June my better half happened upon a career move apparently timed just for her. With this new profession, she would take avocation to an occupation. Since I was completing my master’s program with WSU, which was not geographically constrained particularly, I suggested we pull anchor and move. Economically, the greater Seattle area holds much more opportunity than Spokane, there are aviation-related companies and manufacturers here (a plus), and there’s the sea’s proximity. This latter point means much to me. As a child, my father was stationed at submarine bases, and as such, the sea or at least large bodies of water, became a part of me. Returning to the sea seemed like returning home in a way. Additionally, the timing of graduation in the spring and the outlook of a refreshing and challenging second career was most welcome.

Reality wasn’t going to be completely encouraging though. In the last week of July, while expediently packing-up our household, I allowed a slip in home security, which permitted thieves to enter my garage and waltz away with my race bike and wheels. A gut-punch, $3,280 loss, and away with it rolled any chance of attaining my goal for a category three upgrade that season. I was grounded in the whole sense of the word.  My fitness and whatever form remaining quickly faded to obscurity. I would have to start all-over. Not three weeks later, a friend’s road bike was stolen from his garage too. Apparently there’s a racket for high-end road bikes.

The Madone 5.2. Gone to wherever thieves have taken it. Serial # WTC227T074C

As chance would have it, we have temporarily settled into a small condo in downtown Seattle. Quite small, 500 square feet I think. But, I can study on this small coffee table and stool, and I can have my commuter bike and Barb’s road bike stuffed into the living room so we don’t have to use the elevator to get them from storage in the basement. Her commuter bike will have to go in the bedroom for now. I can shop for food and other essentials at Pike’s Market and adjacent stores within walking distance…so far so good.

Next post,  a new team, a new bike.  Thanks for reading.




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