PowerTap Wheel Build Cost

31 12 2011

I noticed that some folks were wondering how much it costs to build a PowerTap wheel so I dug up my receipts. So, without belaboring the point, here they are:

Component Cost Source Notes
PowerTap Hub $977.07 LBS included the Cervo head unit Picture of the PowerTap SL+
Sapim CX-Ray spokes $89.52 Wheelbuilder.com  includes shipping cost of $9.44/UPS Picture of Sapim CX-Ray spoke
HED Belgium C2 rim $112.50 Two Wheel Transit  includes shipping cost of $10.80 Pic of HED Belgium C2

You might have noticed that Wheelbuilder offers their own comparable PowerTap builds at $1,090.27 (includes shipping cost with no electronics). This is a pretty good deal on a custom build for those of you who would rather not fuss with the assembly process or the time. When I built my version over a year ago, I had very specific requirements—and I also like to do my own projects too so the extra cost was worth it to me. And finally, many months later I built the matching front wheel.




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