At the Viral Edge…The New Race Season Begins

29 03 2010

I can’t believe it. I was making steady progress within my training plan and quite happy with it too. Then I was introduced to this little guy around March 14th:

Image of Flu Virus

The Little Virus that Could...and Did

I’m not sure from whom I got it, but I am certain it was either my home or work environment. Both locations contained other folks who were coughing-up a storm and generally looking miserable.

To make a not-so-long story shorter, my graph of training stats took a nosedive about two weeks ago. Endurance miles and interval peak wattage both traced an increasing negative pitch. On the other hand, after this weekend, my log will show how this turn of events has affected me. Burke says that studies on endurance athletes show that after 10 days of not exercising, they lose about 10 percent of their endurance.

I can understand that. Trying to push through an FTP interval session when you feel like crap is not a lot of fun. Even when I thought I felt pretty good during warm-up, it only took a matter of minutes for my lungs to convince me to bail out and head for the barn.

Damn it. I should have got that flu shot.

The season race opener, the Frozen Flatlands is this Saturday. The weather guy says partly rain/snow/wind with a 40% chance of precipitation, and a high of 40F. I hope he changes the forecast to something decent, and I hope I haven’t lost a lot of the improvements I’ve made during the past months. That’s a lot of hope.

I’ll talk about the race soon enough in my next post.

Best of luck to those of you starting your new season.


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