Training Update…Adaptation Revealed

9 02 2010

It’s been just over three weeks since my last post. So I feel myself delinquent in sending this out. Nonetheless, some key events have occurred since then, namely, starting a new job. Not a problem though. During a recurring road trip last week, I thought of my new employment from a fresh perspective–as a somewhat fresh service retiree, I’m now enjoying my “fun job”.

I think about bikes (road bikes and road racing that is) all day. Now I’m surrounded by bikes inside my areas premier bike shop–North Division Bike Shop. I awake in the morning thinking, “Right on!” I’m very pleased.

Back to task. In my earlier post, I discussed how I would execute my plan to arrive at my training goals. In this case, increasing my functional threshold power (FTP). Since February began, I’ve been conducting interval training and measuring my output and results in wattage via the meter I use. I’ve also ensured that I rest sufficiently between the increased intensity sessions. Eating per the information in a previous post, made certain that I had the fuel I needed to do the work and adapt from the training stimulus.

I can tell that all those base miles and endurance training sessions has had a positive effect–I have a lot more air to breath (perceptively) at the 87%-94% range of my heart rate. I’m moving more lactate out of my muscle groups with the added aerobic capacity. The result is that I can turn a bigger chain length (50/15) to get more watts at the same training stress I felt before. Here’s the results graph:

FTP Plot over Time

The blue line represents data, the red line is a trend line projected to the end of March. If I maintain the same progress, I should break the 300 watt level around March 15th. “Adjusted FTP” means I decreased 30-minute test results by 2.5% and 20-minute test results by 5%. Coggan and Hunter explain the 5% adjustment in their text. I threw-in the arbitrary/proportional 2.5% just to be conservative. That’s a 9.76% increase since November 30th, not bad I think.

Nonetheless, I’d like to expect that boosting my training stimulus with VO2 max. interval sessions near the end of February will act in accordance with Carmichael’s “endurance string theory.”

I’ll test again at the end of February. At that time, I’ll need to make any adjustments to keep me on-track for the season’s opening races.

Race hard…train harder. See you when it’s all over.




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